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Providing Safe Money Options

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 Whether you are looking for a long- or short-term strategy, with our programs, you never have to worry about losing money due to a market crash or even a correction.  We specialize in the Distribution and Preservation phases of retirement with our 401k rollovers, as well as the Accumulation phase with our 401k alternatives.  As safe money experts, we help individuals and families secure their future by protecting their money from market loss.  We provide:

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • 401k Rollovers
  • Life time income (Personal Pensions)
  • 401k Alternatives 
  • Education funding
  • Life Insurance
  • Estate planning
  • Social Security education
  • and more . . . .

Retirement Income Planning


     Retirement Income Planning is completely different than 

investment planning. Investment planning is typically done when you are 

still in  the accumulation phase, and it usually involves risk.  When we are younger, 

we have time to make up for the losses that we will inevitably incur due to market fluctuations.  Retirement Income Planning is for when you are nearing 

retirement or in the Distribution/Preservation Phases.

401k Alternatives


Did you know that there are life insurance products that offer 

Tax FREE accumulation that can be used for whatever you want (college planning, down payment on a house, travel, weddings), and especially for  supplemental retirement income,  WITHOUT any penalties before 59 1/2 and no RMD's?  

It's true.  They are like a Roth on steroids and are often referred to as 

Roths for the Wealthy.    

Retirement Planning video

Which do you think is more dangerous, a shark kr a cow??  Check out this great video on How to  gain a realistic view of Retirement Planning.

a better way to save


Commitment to Service and Excellence


   We bring integrity to all aspects of our business and we pride 

ourselves on working with only A-rated companies, most of which have

been around over 100 years - some of the strongest, most secure financial

 institutions in the country.  In addition, as independent agents, you can 

count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance 

based directly on YOUR needs and goals. 

Personalized Approach


This is not a one size fits all -- everyone has different needs.  

Here at A Better Way to Save we take the time to get to know you 

and your situation. We answer your questions, address your concerns, and review 

your long term objectives.  We then create customized  income strategies 

built around your specific needs and goals to secure and 

maximize your cash flow during retirement.   

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Free Consultations with an Independent Advisor

Come in for a free consultation and benefit from our Licensed, knowledgeable, and independent advisor, Terry Gurley.  Being an independent agent is important – it means our loyalty is to YOU, the client, not a specific company. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise and learn about the many options that are available to you.  

Seminars and Events

Terry will be hosting a Maximizing Your Social Security Seminar on Wed. Apr 10 at Unity Church for Creative Living, 2777 Racetrack Rd., St. Johns, FL  32259.  To register, please call 904-287-1505.

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Providing Prosperity and Peace of Mind before, during and after Retirement.